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It’s finally December!! That means it’s time to get your Christmas shopping in gear. If you still have a list to check off but don’t want to break the bank, you’ve come to the right blog post, my friend :)

All of these nifty gift ideas are personally recommended by me. I wouldn’t steer you wrong, that’s not my style. What is my style are beautiful gifts that don’t cost a lot. And all of these are sure to please!

Life Is Better With Cookies


Life is definitely better with cookies… and Joanna Gaines.

This cookie jar is so freakin’ cute. Perfect to hold all your holiday cookies, or any treat throughout the year.

The neutral stoneware blends in with any decor. And honestly, you may want to get one for yourself AND to give as a gift. Because you’re going to want to keep this. Promise.

Give the gift of glow


My makeup bag is never without this highlighter!

It has a pretty champagne glow that I apply to my cheekbones, under my brow bone, the inner corner of the eye, and on the bridge of my nose. The cream-to-powder finish stays put all day, even on my oily-ish skin.

And a little bit goes a long way! This tube will last for many glowy nights to come.

All That Sparkles


What girl doesn’t like sparkly things?

These earrings are classic, pretty, and affordable! And this set gives you options… which is always a good thing.

Perfect for those with multiple piercings or girls who just like to change up their bling.

“dashing” through the snow


I love a guy who can rock a scarf. It looks so sharp, or am I wrong? (Hint: I’m not wrong)

This scarf has the perfect mix of style and manliness. Just like your man.

Mornings Together


The perfect gift set for that perfect couple.

Spend the morning with your favorite sweetie and cup of coffee or tea. And if you’re not a morning person, no worries. The mug says it all for you.

Note: These keep flying off the shelves! If they’re temporarily out of stock and you just can’t wait for them to come back in, your Target store may sell them individually.

Made With Love


Whether you love to cook up gourmet meals or use your pans to make a grilled cheese sandwich, this set let’s you cook in style.

The aluminum material and non-stick surface makes cooking a breeze!

And I think the pretty finish is just as sassy as Chrissy Teigen, which I totally dig.

Little Laughter Is The Best


This New York Times Bestseller is a must for any little kiddo!

You and the little tike in your life will laugh until hot salsa comes out your nose. Because, honestly, who doesn’t love dragons or tacos??

Nobody I want to be friends with, that’s who.


While you’re reading the hilarious story to your child, have them snuggle with the dragon itself! It’s a cute and unique little plush toy that everyone will love.

And now I wish I had a taco…

Enjoy A Crackling Fire


I’m blaming my love for these candles on my sister-in-law. (But I ain’t mad at ya!)

I miss having a fireplace, but I can still get the crackling fire goodness I love with these wood wick candles.

Bonus: It comes in some amazing scents.

Crackling fire and smells good? Win-win.

Snuggle Time


I have this exact blanket and honestly carry it around everywhere with me. Well… at home, of course. My family has nicknamed it my Linus blanket (Get it?… from Charlie Brown).

It’s suuuuper soft. And just as comfy. It’s perfect for a chilly night snuggling on the couch!

Shine like a star


Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any product in the Kristin Ess line. I’ve used almost all of them and am in LOVE.

But I’m particularly fond of this working serum. It keeps my hair soft, shiny, and helps protect it from frizz when I use heat to style. And with my baby fine hair, the serum has never weighed it down. A little bit goes a long way! I use one, maybe two, pumps. This little bottle will last… and so will your love for it.

P.S. It smells a.maz.ing!

Happy Holiday Shopping!



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