You all know those people. The ones who look and seem soooo put together. The walking embodiments of Beyoncé’s “Flawless”… I woke up like this.

Well, spoiler alert: They didn’t wake up like that.

Now, I can’t speak for Beyoncé, but I’m pretty sure the vast majority of those people truly have no idea what they’re doing. They’re winging it just like everyone else.

Want to know how I know?

Because I’ve been told I always seem put together… My family calls me Fancy Jen… The word “posh” has even been thrown around a few times.

*Pfft* Hardly! (I don’t know what got into everyone’s Kool-Aid. It must be some good stuff, though.)

But I do know this… While I, and many others, may be a hot mess underneath it all, we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way (and those tricks aren’t for kids).

No seriously. They’re not difficult tips and tricks because I’m about as lazy as it comes. And it’s not all about looks. It also comes from the inside as well.

So, you want to know the simple ways of not only looking put together but feeling it as well?? Say no more. Let’s get into it…

1. Buy a Moto Jacket


My moto jacket is one of the most worn pieces of clothing in my closet. Why? Because it goes with everything! Moto jackets seem to have this magical power of making everything you wear look more pulled together and stylish.

Want to wear jogger pants and a t-shirt to the store? Add a moto jacket and you no longer look frumpy and lazy.

Want to spice up a girly floral dress? Top it with a moto jacket for a bit of easy edge.

T-shirt and jeans? Moto jacket.

Finishing touch for a black monochromatic look? Moto jacket.

See where I’m going with this? … That’s right – moto jacket.

2. Keep Your Fingernails Neat and Tidy


It seems simple, because it is.

Whether you like it or not, your fingernails have an impact on your appearance. They tell people a lot about you, without using any words. And if your fingernails are dirty, unkept, and sporting chipped fingernail polish, they’re telling everyone you don’t give a shit.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to go get a manicure weekly. I sure don’t! Who’s got the time??

But I do sit and paint my nails every one or two weeks (it’s part of my self-care routine, which we’ll get into a bit more later). Gel fingernail polish is the bomb-diggity. That stuff lasts.

Or you can make it even easier by going au naturale.

Because nice nails are like the accessories to your outfit. When they’re nicely done, the rest of your look will seem pulled together and a bit more expensive.

3. Make Your Bed on the Daily


There’s something about pulling back the blankets on a made-up bed and crawling into the sheets that truly makes you feel as if you have your life together.

Because you do. At least for that moment in time.

Making up the bed in the morning signals to your body that it’s time to start the day. It helps you wake up and gives a sense of order when you leave your bedroom. And coming back to that order at the end of a long day helps you relax.

But I can hear some of you now: Crawling into a made-up bed or a chaotic bed makes no difference. It’s still crawling into the same bed.

Sure. But which one makes you feel more boss? … Thought so.

4. Invest in Your Hair


Sure. Your hair is on top of your head, so you don’t really see it. But you know what? The rest of us do. And the rest of us want something nice to look at. (I’m particularly speaking to you, Trump.)

Half-hearted ponytails and botched at-home color jobs just aren’t cutting it anymore. You’re an adult now.

Go to a professional hair stylist. Get a quality cut and color. Learn how to style your hair at home in a way that fits into your lifestyle and skill set.

That’s really not much effort! You’re sitting there letting someone else make you look awesome. Then they show you how you can maintain it yourself.

And yes, a good cut and color will cost a bit of money. But it’s worth it. Plus, you can choose a style that will grow out better than others. Allowing the cut to last longer. They have root touch-up sprays that can extend the time between coloring.

So you don’t have to be back in that chair every six weeks! Hell, often times I go every eight to ten weeks.

See? Easy peasy! And no more excuses.

5. Have a Signature Fragrance


Fragrance is the finishing touch of any outfit. It says elegance. It smells sexy. And it makes you feel good.

Because, let’s face it ladies, who doesn’t feel good about themselves when you catch a whiff of your perfume in the air? Or when you go to move hair off your face and your wrist smells amazing?

Or maybe that’s just me…

6. Light Those Candles, Grab a Blanket, and Recharge


Say it with me… Self-care is so important.

And in case you didn’t get that the first time, let’s say it again… Self-care is so important!

Taking time out to focus on yourself is the absolute best thing you can do to feel put together. And that can include anything you enjoy doing that helps you relax, care for yourself, and recharge.

Block time out on your schedule if you have to. Get a babysitter. Lock the bathroom door! Whatever you need to do to carve time out for YOU.

And you want to know what the bonus of that is? When you FEEL put together, you will LOOK put together.

You’ll exude a relaxed confidence without even trying. And how freakin’ sexy is that??

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7. Go Monochromatic


When you don’t know what to wear, one of the easiest things you can do is go monochromatic. It’s chic, it’s timeless, and it’s almost fool-proof. (Seriously. If I can do it, anyone can.)

And contrary to popular belief, black is not the only color you can rock head-to-toe. If that’s not your jam, go monochromatic in any neutral you like! My favorites are creams, navy, or gray.

But don’t feel like you have to be locked into one look. You can vary it up in different hues and shades of the same color. Mix patterns of the same color. Or add texture with different fabrics.

Feeling a little bolder? Go beyond the neutral zone. Pick a color. Your favorite color!

8. Don’t Overdo Baggy


I truly think good fitting clothes go a long way in making someone look put together. Not too tight but definitely not too baggy.

But I get that many people feel comfortable in baggy clothes.

However… just because baggy clothes are easy and comfortable doesn’t make it ok! There’s a fine line between baggy and bag lady. For realz.

And please don’t think you’re hiding extra weight under those baggy clothes. In reality, you’re adding more weight to your appearance and you’re not fooling anyone.

My rule for baggy is one piece of baggy clothing at a time.

Want to wear an oversized sweater? Wear it with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt.

Have a pair of wide legged pants? Make sure your top is form fitting (and tucked in or stops at the waist).

Think of it as one and done. You’ll never get confused for a bag lady again.

9. The Devil is in the Details


Believe it or not, you can make the clothes you already have look better on you. Simply by concentrating on the details.

Half tuck a shirt. Roll your sleeves up JCrew style. Add some accessories.

A lot of it doesn’t have to do with the clothes themselves. It’s how you wear the clothes that matter.

Want some more inspiration? I like the ideas given on this page. Check ‘em out.

10. Never Leave Home Without the Makeup Trifecta


I love make-up. I never leave home without wearing it.

But I know a lot of people don’t feel that way. There’s a lot of bare-faced peeps out there! And while there’s nothing wrong with it, there is a way to strike a balance. You can look fresh-faced without looking like you just crawled out of bed.

You can achieve that with the make-up trifecta: Mascara, blush, and lipstick or gloss.

This is the combo I wear when I’m just running to the corner store or simply knockin’ around the house (when I’m not alone). It’s super easy, super quick, and it makes a lovely difference.

The mascara opens your eyes and makes you look more awake. The blush adds a rosy glow. And the lipstick or gloss adds color and visual interest.

So if you do run into someone you know at the corner store, they’ll walk away thinking “Wow” instead of “I hope she feels better soon”.

Looking and Feeling Put Together Doesn’t Have to Be Hard!

Being put together is not about being high maintenance. It’s about taking small but easy steps to look and feel like the badass you are.

Yes, us lazy girls and hot messes included.


P.s. what else do you do to look and feel put together?