Just admit it. We all want to fill our bucket lists with grandiose dreams of faraway travel, quitting that job we hate to pursue our passions, or becoming the next J.K. Rowling.

And while all of that is great – I say go on with your bad self! – it shouldn’t be the only things on your bucket list. You need to incorporate small items as well. Everyday things. Simpler things. Things within easy reach.

Let me give you some examples:
•    Drive far outside of town, lay out a blanket, and star gaze with a glass of wine
•    Try every martini on the menu at your local martini bar (ideally not all at the same time!)
•    Finally learn all the lyrics of Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now” – especially Busta Rhymes part – and perform it perfectly like the badass you are
•    Color a coloring book from cover to cover (from my own bucket list… because I was a snobby child and only picked the best pictures to color)

See? There’s nothing too taxing about any of those. And for a very good reason. Let me tell you why…

1. Instant Gratification

Let’s face it, we are a society of instant gratification junkies. We want what we want and we want it now. Like, right now. As in, why isn’t it here yet?!

But unfortunately, not everything works that way. (Bummer, right??). And when it comes to your bucket list, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to take that big trip next week. Or write the great American novel by next Tuesday. 

That’s why having the little things added to your bucket list will give you the short-term instant gratification that you need. That makes us feel good. And it makes us want to keep going!

But just as important, it keeps our bucket lists feeling fresh. It’s not just a list sitting there stuck forever on paper. It’s happening, little by little, and it starts to feel REAL.

And there ain’t nothing like the real thing… baby.





2. Builds Momentum

We all know what it’s like to be on a diet (and those who don’t… I have no words for you). Diets suck. Big time. It’s frustrating to eat something healthy and not instantly lose weight… or maybe that’s just me. 

But soon it finally happens. A pound is gone. It’s time to rejoice and feel proud! Skinny here I come! And that one pound gives us the energy to keep going. To reach that next pound lost. And then the next. It snowballs until you are one fine-ass looking mo fo.

And - you know what I’m going to say - that’s what the little things on our bucket lists do. When we start checking things off and making our way down the list, it feels amazing. We finally get a sense of what it must feel like to be Beyoncé… or something less dramatic.

The little things feed us enough to give us the energy to reach the big things.

And I’m all about having something good to eat.

3. Brings It Back To Reality

Remember when I said things start to feel real? Well now it's FOR REALZ.

To most people, bucket lists are just a dream. The thing they describe as "Someday" or "When I have time" or "When the kids get older". To which I say "Lame!!"... it's just excuses. And when those excuses run out, they'll find all new ones to take their place. That becomes their reality.

But not you. You're better than that.

Your bucket list now doesn't feel like a dream because you are living it. Let me repeat that... you are living your bucket list. And when that happens, you'll find there's no stopping you now. Nothing will stand in the way of reaching your goals and checking those items off. Those little things have just helped change your life in ways you never thought possible.

Isn't it great when the little things add up to mean so much more? *All the good feels*




P.S. What little items do you have on your bucket list?