It never seems to fail, coming home after each and every trip I've been on I am still always amazed at how powerful it was for my well-being. Completely corny, right? But dear god it's so true. Travel and self-care are a combination that knocks my socks off.

That's because traveling is so much more than simply taking your family to go look down a big hole they call the Grand Canyon. Or taking pretty pictures to induce envy on your Instagram. Travel does something to each of us on a much deeper level.

But just what is it about travel that grabs us at our very core? Why do we come back feeling so flippin' happy?

It's because travel and self-care were made for each other. They're like chocolate and peanut butter. Freshly shaved legs and newly laundered bed sheets. A rainbow and a pot of gold. Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks.

And if you're wondering exactly why travel and self-care are so awesome together, I've got 3 reasons to tell you about that might explain it a bit more...




1. Removes you from your rut

We've all inhabited the population of Rut City at some point. You know, doing the same ole things at the same ole places with the same ole people. It seems like a never-ending Groundhog's Day... only this ain't the movies.

And what's even more troubling about being in a rut is a lot of people don't realize that's where they are. They've grown accustomed to the feeling so it's just "normal" to them.

But think about it this way...

Have you ever been driving along to work or school when your mind starts to wander? You think about random things like what you'll have for dinner that night or if your cat thinks about you while you're gone. Sometimes you don't even think about anything at all. You just zone out completely.

And before you know it, you've arrived at your destination... completely oblivious to how you got there. How TF does that even happen?? How is everyone between here and there not dead, including yourself??

You've just experienced your body running on autopilot. You've driven that path so many times in the past that you don't even need to think about it anymore.

That's what being in a rut is like... you're living in autopilot.




And while that isn't a horrible thing in the short-term, the long-term effects of it can cause a downhill slide in your mood, your outlook on life, and maybe even send you into a depression. And who wants that?? No one, that's who. Merely existing in life is not what we dreamed of as kids when we pictured what we would be when we grew up.

But when you travel, everything is new. New places. New faces. New routines. New thoughts. It's almost like a new YOU!

You transition from going through the motions of life to living in real-time. You get to experience change that mixes things up from the norm, because change is exactly what travel is!

Essentially, it wakes you up from the mundane... and good self-care is all about that jazz.

2. Helps you reflect on what's most important

When you travel, your mind gets taken out of the everyday grind. Work responsibilities are gone. Social commitments are out the window. You can say "Bye Felicia!" to your usual daily agenda. (And if you disagree with any of that, you're traveling wrong and we need to talk.)

You'll find when all of that nonsense gets left curbside, you free up the headspace to reflect and think about the things you actually want to think about! (Novel idea, no?)

Funny enough, people tend to take that time to reflect on themselves and their situations. And why wouldn't they? Traveling not only removes you mentally from your everyday life, but physically as well. So you then get to completely step back and look at things from an entirely different perspective.

And according to a survey conducted by Jetcost.com, 77% of the nearly 4,500 questioned admitted to considering life-changing decisions while they were abroad. 26% of those said their life had actually changed based on that decision.

That's some major stuff!

Yet sometimes a clear head and the gift of time is all you need to realize what is most important in your life, what isn't working, and what you can do about it.

I can personally vouch for that. I have made more than one decision while traveling that has changed my life, and continues to change it as we speak. And for that, I will be eternally grateful.

Travel has given me the opportunity to discover who I really am and has given me the guts to go after what I want. There's nothing that sucks about that.





3. Recharges the batteries

Let's face it, life is exhausting. It doesn't matter what you do, who you are, whether you love your life or you hate it, life has a way of depleting you down to zero.

So just like with anything, unplugging and rebooting can do wonders for your self-care.

And this can mean different things to different people. There's no one right way to recharge your batteries. Some people need a cold drink, the beach, and the waves. Others cherish Stay-cations to finally do things on their own time. I personally gravitate to other cultures, museums, and worlds outside of my own.

The point is, you do you. When you do you, first and foremost, it's amazing what you can then do for others. You could even conquer the world if you really wanted to. Self-care and travel is indeed that bad-ass... as are you, my friend.




P.S. how else does travel help with your self-care?