I've been a little quiet for a couple weeks, haven't I? Well, for good reason, my friends.

I had been enjoying a much needed two week vacation!

The first week was spent on a solo trip to Munich and Prague. All in the quest to check things off my bucket list... and it was a major success, if I do say so myself.

And while I'm on a trip, I like to note daily observations. Just random things I notice that are either interesting, gives me a good chuckle, or I want to instantly tell the person next to me (but I can't because I'm by myself and not a werido). I like to think it helps people back home feel a little more involved, as they tend to tell me they live vicariously through my travels.

So, do you feel like stepping into my shoes and taking a little European mini-vacay? Perfect. I'll make sure you're booked First Class.


Munich, Germany



Monday’s observations:

1. European police sirens will always make me feel as if I’m in a Jason Bourne movie.

2. Germans may not be the warmest of folks, but their dogs make up for that.

3. I’m disappointed in how commercial Munich city center is. How many H&M’s and Zara’s must I walk past to get to the historical sites??

4. No one has any idea what I’m talking about when I ask for a Diet Coke. Or Coke Light. #cokezeroitisthen

5. The only English speaking channels on my TV are news programs. I’m getting my fill of China documentaries and Tom & Jerry cartoons (because Tom & Jerry don’t need words to be awesome.)




Tuesday’s observations:

1. Upgraded tours are sometimes very worth it. I literally had the red velvet rope opened for me as I boarded the luxury bus with private concierge. Yes, it’s as ridiculous and awesome as it sounds.

2. The Autobahn is good times. We need to get us one of those.

3. Next time I decide to take the advanced hike up to Neuschwanstein Castle, I’ll remind myself I’m from Kansas and altitude is not my friend. #mylungshateme

4. May 1st is apparently a national holiday in Germany and everything is closed. Not a great time to be hungry.



Munich, germany to Prague, czech republic



Wednesday’s observations:

1. Italian tourists are either highly entertaining or incredibly annoying. There is no in between.

2. People do not give a shit where you are on the sidewalk. If you’re in their chosen path, you either move or get hit. And let’s just say with my stubborn nature, I’ve had more than one collision. #sorrynotsorry #movegetoutthewaybitch

3. Rapeseed (unfortunate name) is the most beautiful bright-yellow crop in the German and Czech countryside I’ve ever seen. I’m told it’s so bright it can be seen from space. I dig that.

4. Cobblestone sidewalks and streets are cute until you have to wheel luggage over them. That’s not cute. Or fun... Or quiet.

5. I have yet to see a proper crosswalk in Prague. I guess the city motto is “May the odds be ever in your favor”.

6. I’m on the third floor of my historic hotel which has no elevator, instead it has a charming spiral stone castle staircase. The sounds of my very winded neighbors as they reach the landing are an entertaining bonus.



Prague, czech republic



Thursday’s observations:

1. This morning I opened my quaint hotel room attic window at the same time the lady across the way was opening hers. We smiled and waved at each other. I felt like Bell in Beauty and the Beast. A Disney song would have been very appropriate at that moment.

2. I found a proper crosswalk today. You’re on your own with cars, but at least Prague doesn’t want you to get hit by a tram. (Um... thanks?)

3. On the very rare occasion I hear someone speaking English, it’s surprising how much comfort this solo traveler gets from that.

4. If you stand by a trash can long enough, you can start to tally up how many people come by and take discarded food and drink out of it. And it’s surprising just how much food and drink are in there.

5. And on that note, all the panhandlers around here seem to own dogs and continuously hug them as if the dog is about to die. Would be an interesting tactic if they weren’t ALL doing it.

6. When you start to learn your way around a new city without the use of a map, it will in some way forever feel like home.

7. Whenever and wherever you travel, ALWAYS take a moment to stop, look around, and realize where you are. Let that sink in. Let it sink in a little more. Be thankful for how blessed you truly are.




Friday’s observations:

1. People ask me all the time if I’m scared to travel by myself. Well, let’s put it this way... this morning I walked by a dumpster that had something moving inside and that was the most startled I’ve been this entire trip. So... there ya go.

2. Today I got hit by a selfie stick. There are no words for my disgust.

3. The only English conversation I heard today was a dude telling another dude that he needs to use the lavender shower gel tonight to help him sleep better. (Well, he’s not wrong.)

4. There’s a special kind of reflection that takes place on my last day of traveling. I look at everything a few seconds longer. Tell myself I’ll stand there for just one more minute. I absorb everything I possibly can. Because I know this will be the fuel for my next life adventure, and wow... will it ever be a life-changing doozy, as all great adventures should be. Just you wait and see!